Pyrford Preschool

Admissions Policy

Pyrford Preschool strives to promote the accessibility of our setting to children and families from all sections of the community. We advertise the Preschool to all sections of the community, locally and beyond, via our website, Facebook page and a visible noticeboard outside the entrance to the Village Hall. Parents/carers can also access details about the Preschool via the central Family Information Service and we are registered with Early Years.

Pyrford Preschool’s “Inclusion and Special Education Needs and Disability Policy” promotes the need for fairness to all children attending the Preschool, ensuring that discrimination does not take place. We welcome all children, parents/carers, visitors and staff to the Preschool regardless of colour, race, nationality, disability, ability, religion, ethnic or national origin, gender or marital status.

The Preschool is open term times only and is restricted to a maximum of 30 children on any one morning/afternoon.  Our sessions are offered to a mixed age group of children between the ages of 2 and 4 years. We have strict staff/children ratio requirements to comply with. For children aged two, there must be at least one member of staff for every four children. For children aged three and over, there must be at least one member of staff for every eight children. The actual number of children we are able to offer places to on each morning will be determined by the ages of the children on register at that time and the staffing levels available.

We arrange our waiting list using the following system. Once an enquiry form is completed via our Famly app and a deposit has been returned, we will place the child on our waiting list for the appropriate term. Where possible, we aim to keep places available for children to increase the number of sessions attended as the terms progress. However, we do not guarantee that places will be available from one term to the next as we must strike a balance between holding empty places and meeting business costs.

All other registrations for sessions will be on a ‘first come, first served basis’. We usually enrol children into sessions at the beginning of each term and deal with admissions during the half term before the new children are due to start.  We telephone and email  parents/carers to confirm that they still require the place and invite parents/carers to bring their children in for a visit to the setting.

Date policy written:         Aug 2011Last review Nov 2022