Pyrford Preschool

Security and Missing Child Policy

Staffing and Preschool activities are organised in a way that minimises the chance of children removing themselves from the main group without being noticed, whilst allowing them a free choice of activities. We have the following procedures in place to ensure the safety and security of all children during the Preschool sessions:

  • A member of staff remains on duty by the door into the main hall throughout the arrival of children to the Preschool and until all parents and carers have left the premises.
  • The main external glass entrance doors into the Village Hall are locked at approximately 9.15am. There is an external bell for visitors or late arrivals to ring.  The internal door, which leads into the lobby area where children hang their bags/coats, is also locked.  The next internal door into the main hall is then kept closed.
  • Children’s arrival (and departure if before normal session end time) are noted on the register, and a note is made in the collection file or communication book if a child is to leave early or with another adult.
  • The outdoor area is opened for free play from 9.00am. The outdoor play area is supervised, fenced and the gate securely closed at all times.
  • The rooms in which the children play are never left unsupervised/out of vision of staff members. No child is left alone for any period of time without an adult being aware of their location. Toilets are checked regularly. Children must usually be within sight and hearing of staff and always within sight or hearing.
  • A member of staff remains on duty within the main hall at all times, unless all the children and staff are in the outdoor area, the cricket field or the committee room or green room for group activities.
  • Children are closely supervised during play on the cricket field and the appropriate staff/children ratios are maintained.  Staff position themselves on the field so that children are not able to wander off or become detached from the group.  Children are safely escorted to and from the field in one group, under very close supervision with all staff present. A headcount is done before going on the field and again before coming back into the hall. Daily risk assessments are carried out for playtime on the field.  If all staff and children are outside and a child needs to come inside (e.g for the toilet), a member of staff will accompany them inside.
  • Visitors are viewed through the main glass external doors before the door is unlocked to allow them access to the building. If appropriate, visitors who are not expected are asked to make an appointment before visiting. Visitors are asked to sign the visitor’s book and IDs are checked as appropriate.

Missing Child

In the event of a member of staff not being able to locate a child on the premises this procedure will be followed:-

  • The premises will be searched thoroughly and immediately by Jen or another member of staff as requested.  The safety of the other children will be of paramount importance and we will try to keep them free from anxiety. The rest of the staff will be instructed to group the children together so that they are safe and in one place whilst the search takes place.
  • The register will be called to confirm which child(ren) are missing.
  • The grounds surrounding the Preschool will be searched and the person searching will take a mobile phone so that they can be contacted.
  • Jen will call the police as soon as possible. We will give them the address of the Preschool, a detailed description of the child (sex, age, clothing etc), circumstances of the incident and details of who is looking for the child and the number of the mobile taken.
  • Jen will inform the parents.
  • A full and thorough review of procedures and practices will take place to determine how the incident occurred and changes will be made if appropriate.
  • Ofsted will be notified.

Please also see the following related policies: Arrival and collection/departure of children policy, Late or non-collection of children policy, Health and Safety policy, Safeguarding children policy.

Date policy written:         Aug 2011Last review Sept 2022