What People Say

The staff are all fantastic with the children, catering for their individual needs, to ensure they each develop and continue to learn in readiness for school. The atmosphere is very nurturing and friendly and the children always come out with big happy smiley faces!

Nikki Stimson, West Byfleet  

Marion and Katharine, with their team, have created a truly caring and warm environment for all the little people to flourish in. My two daughters have adored their time at Pyrford Playgroup and have grown into confident happy little girls

Kate Thompson, Woking

Pyrford Playgroup is very special; it is not just another pre-school but more like being part of a large family. The staff are wonderful, and there is a warm and friendly feel to the place.

My three children had their own magical playgroup journey which they all look back on with immense fondness and affection, as do I. I watched as they played learnt, had fun, made friends and grew into happy confident children – completely ready for school.

You will soon feel very lucky indeed to be a part of it. Come and see for yourself- the faces say it all (children and parents!)

Suzanna Eliot, Pyrford

Thank you for the fantastic care and support you and your team have given our daughter over the past 18 months. You have all been so kind and caring. She has really enjoyed her time at Pyrford Playgroup and I’m sure the experiences she has had will give her a head start when she starts school in September

Charlotte Takla, West Byfleet


I have many positive things to say about the playgroup. The staff are welcoming and really care for your child’s development which as a parent is reassuring. Marion and Katharine are both very approachable and try to accommodate where at all possible your child’s needs and also monitor that your child is progressing at the appropriate rate.”

Kathryn Shaw, Pyrford


My son absolutely loves going to ‘school’ at Pyrford Playgroup and I can completely see why! I was fortunate enough to spend a morning with the children and lovely carers at the playgroup, and all I can say is that it’s a wonderful environment for any child to learn in.

It is well organised and all the carers are focused on the children enjoying and ultimately learning at the playgroup. I would highly recommend the playgroup to anyone looking for a safe and welcoming place to give their young children a good start in their academic lives.

Sara Freeman, Pyrford

As another academic year comes to an end, I am starting to feel the familiar sadness of last year. My second daughter is about to finish her time at Pyrford Playgroup and move onto school. Both my daughters have thoroughly enjoyed the playgroup, and I have never had days where they didn’t want to go.

The staff are so friendly and welcoming, and the children adore all of them. The environment is clean and bright, and the range of toys and activities is broad. There is always outdoor play, and something to bring home at the end of the morning. I couldn’t recommend at pre-school more highly.  

I am so sad that my girls have finished their time there. My saving grace is that come September my son will be starting and I will have the enjoyment of Pyrford Playgroup for another 2 years!!

Emma Dodd, Pyrford

I cannot recommend Pyrford Playgroup enough. I have immense fondness and gratitude for the fantastic start that Pyrford Playgroup has given my two children (boy and girl). From the moment of our first visit we were welcomed with warmth and a sense of community.

The teaching staff really get to know your children and are open to talking about any concerns and proactively provide feedback. Children are happy and engaged and form friendships quickly. It’s wonderful to see all the children eager to get inside in the morning. Gathering in the entrance hall at pickup is also a good way to get to know other parents/carers and exchange information.

It’s a perfect setting for pre-school learning and development with great indoor and outdoor facilities. Everyone welcomes you with a smile; all the teachers are committed and approachable and cannot do enough to help. They have a genuine love and passion for what they do and for the children who attend. Trust care and inclusion are at the heart of their ethos and are apparent in everything they do.

Irrespective of your future education plans or your proximity to the playgroup, it’s a great start for your child. As a working mum I have first- hand experience of a number of childcare settings and services. Pyrford Playgroup is without doubt one of the best. All mums, dads, carers, grandparents are welcomed with equal enthusiasm and friendliness. Katharine and Marion’s leadership, dedication and development of the playgroup is clearly visible.

Natasha Mantell, Woodham

We feel very privileged that our daughter has had the opportunity to attend Pyrford Playgroup for the past two years and during this time we have seen her transform into a confident, self assured and happy little girl, more than ready for her new adventure at school. After time at another nursery (in which she didn’t settle at all) we were anxious at first to find a setting that would work for her. We couldn’t have found a more encouraging, supportive and nurturing environment than the one at Pyrford Playgroup, both for our daughter and for us as parents.

The playgroup itself has a long history in the area and is built on a foundation of strong values. It is positively embedded n the local community in Pyrford through it’s participation in local events such as the Pyrford and Wisley Flower Show, which is important as it gives the children another dimension to their development by fostering a sense of community and belonging from an early age.

The setting itself creates an environment which feels calm, homely and safe, which enables the children to explore and have fun. In particular we have been delighted at the way in which the older children, who are preparing for school, have been given responsibilities and roles to undertake such as helping with the attendance register, serving drinks at snack time. This experience has given the children a different experience to learn and one which our daughter has loved!

Pyrford Playgroup is a setting that is extremely inclusive and interested in life outside of playgroup. This is demonstrated by the invitation to grandparents to come into playgroup to help with things like cooking or gardening, as well as with the close parent playgroup collaboration they encourage. The children have loved the opportunity to learn different skills from different people and it has encouraged respect and inclusion of children from different cultures and backgrounds.

Our youngest daughter is now starting her time at Pyrford Playgroup and we couldn’t be more delighted at the way she too has already been encouraged and nurtured in her development. The key workers are very passionate about what they do and it is clear how strong the relationships are with the children, evidenced in the end of year leaving ‘ceremonies’ or the Christmas show that the children put on for the parents. There is a strong connection between the children and the key workers which is testimony to the hard work, care and support that they provide.

Sarah Scannella, Pyrford