Playgroup strives to provide the highest quality education and care for children.  We aim to provide a nurturing, caring and fun environment within which all children can learn and develop as they play.

We believe children and parents are entitled to expect prompt and careful attention to their needs and wishes.  We work hard to build partnerships with parents and welcome comments and suggestions (however small) as to how we can develop our playgroup. Feedback is a valuable way of identifying possible ways to extend our provision and compliments help us know when we are getting it right!

Many concerns can be resolved quickly by an informal approach and we would be grateful if, in the first instance, parents/carers talk to either Katharine Wright or Marion McMullan if they are uneasy about any aspect of the playgroup’s provision.

Please arrange to speak to either Marion or Katharine at playgroup or we can be telephoned at home or emailed. Even though these concerns may be raised informally, depending on the nature of the complaint, we may log them on a “Complaints and concerns record form” which will detail the source and nature of the complaint/concern, how it was dealt with and any actions and outcomes.  We will always endeavour to work with parents/carers to resolve any concerns quickly, give feedback and take the appropriate action.   

It is expected that most concerns can be resolved through discussion, however if this route does not have a satisfactory outcome, or if the problem re-occurs, then a formal complaint can be made in writing to either Katharine or Marion.  All concerns will remain confidential and will be recorded on the “Complaints and concerns record form”.  The playgroup will investigate written complaints relating to fulfilment of the EYFS requirements and parents will receive a response within 28 days.

If the complaint has a child protection implication, the playgroup will follow the playgroup’s Safeguarding Children Policy and Surrey Safeguarding Children’s Board guidelines.


Written complaints will be filed for three years. As a registered provider, the record of complaints must be made available to Ofsted on request.


If parents/carers feel that they are unable to talk a member of staff at playgroup, or that after talking to Marion or Katharine, the matter remains unresolved, then they can talk in confidence to the Early Years Team on 01372 833833.


If a parent/guardian believes that the playgroup is not meeting the EYFS requirements and would like to make a formal complaint, they can contact Ofsted. Contact details are as follows:   Piccadilly Gate, Store Street, Manchester  M1 2WD.  Tel:  0300 123 1231.


Date policy written:           Aug 2011  

Reviewed:                        Oct 2011  

Reviewed:                        Sept 2013  



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