Pyrford Preschool

Evacuation procedure in the event of a fire or other emergency

On hearing the smoke alarms, discovering a fire or a situation requiring the emergency evacuation of the building, the following procedure will be followed:-

  • The deputy will immediately arrange for the speedy and calm evacuation of the building using the nearest safe exit to lead the children out.   
  • There are 4 exits out of the hall as follows:- the main entrance, the kitchen, the double doors by the disabled toilet or through the outside play area. 
  • Staff should not worry about personal belongings.
  • The deputy will take the ipad and with the help of the staff, lead all children to the top corner of the cricket field or another safe place. 

Once in the place of safety, the Deputy (or another nominated member of staff) will do a headcount and check the children against the register, plus account for all adults.

  • While the children and staff are leaving the hall, Jen will quickly check that the premises have been evacuated, checking all rooms to include hall, toilets, committee room, green room, lobby area, kitchen and the outside play area. She will also check for children playing under the registration table. She will pick up the mobile phone tin, key, close all doors behind her and telephone the emergency services on 999.  She will then join the group on the cricket field or place of safety.
  • The emergency services will be alerted if anyone is missing and potentially still in the building. 
  • Parents will be contacted to collect their children.  All staff will remain with the children until they are collected.
  • The overriding priority is to prevent any harm coming to the children without causing too much anxiety. The welfare and well being of the children must remain of paramount importance at all times.

( * Jen can nominate an appropriate person to stand in if any of the key people detailed above are absent. This will ensure that staff are prepared, should the need to evacuate arise).

Emergency evacuation drills

  • All staff have a copy of this procedure and it is displayed in the kitchen and on the noticeboard in the lobby.
  • When changes to the procedures are required, staff are made aware of these on their first working day after the changes take place.
  • Details of any practice or real evacuation will be recorded on the “Evacuation Log” in the Preschool’s “Emergency Evacuation file”. If there have been any problems during the drill, these will be noted, along with the action taken to resolve any issues.
  • The fire extinguishers, fire blankets, smoke alarms, emergency lights and fire exits are routinely checked at the beginning of each month by a member of the Village Hall Committee using the “Fire Equipment Checklist”.  The satisfactory completion of these checks is reported on at the Village Hall Committee meeting each month.

Last Reviewed November 2022

Jen Don Carolis