Pyrford Preschool

Late or non collection of child policy

The Preschool is required to have a late or non collection policy so that we have a procedure to follow if a child is not collected by an authorised adult at the end of a Preschool session.  Children will be safely cared for, with minimum distress, by staff who are well known to the child if parents/carers are unavoidably delayed. 

Please note that no child will be allowed to leave the premises with anyone other than the adults named on their registration form or in the “Collection File”.  Please see the Preschool’s “Arrival and collection of children policy”.

If a child is not collected at the end of the session, we will follow these procedures:

  • The “Collection File” and “Communication Book” will be checked for any information about changes to the normal collection routines.
  • If no information is available, parents/carers will be contacted at home or at work on the mobile numbers provided on the Famly app
  • If this is unsuccessful, the emergency contact details of authorised adults recorded on the registration form will be contacted.
  • All reasonable attempts will be made to contact the parents/carers and the named emergency contact adults.
  • The Preschool rents the Village Hall until 13.30pm each weekday and often the hall is booked by another user from that time. However, two members of the team will stay on the premises with the child until 13.30pm.  If no authorised adult can be contacted to collect the child by 13.30pm, we will contact the Surrey Safeguarding Board.  The Contact Centre telephone number is: 0300 200 1006.  We will follow their advice on what to do next.
  • A full written report of the incident will be recorded.
  • Depending on circumstances, we reserve the right to charge parents for the additional hours worked by our staff.
Date policy written:         Aug 2011Last review Sept 2022